Data Science Competitions @
  • I’ve partnered with a local real-estate guru to develop a portal aimed at the small-to-midsize landlord market with the goal of allowing them to record their tenant’s data and generate predicted scorecards of how tenants will act based on attributes recorded about the tenant.  All data is anonymized and protected attributes (race, religion, etc.) are not recorded.   The project is currently in beta stage, but as more data is collected we hope begin offering a very robust and accurate predictive model for the landlords to use in rating their potential tenants.


Don’t Break the Chain mobile app
  • In my free time (laugh) over the past year I’ve been developing a cross-platform HTML5/CSS3/JS based productivity app with the goal of allowing a user to record their daily progress towards certain goals by placing X’s on a calendar.  This is known in some circles as the Jerry Seinfield productivty method and has quite a bit of buzz surrounding it, and I’ve had great success using it to keep me on track with my goals. But amazingly, there are currently no apps available on the market that are explicitly designed for this, and certainly none that are cross-platform, so I decided to develop my own.
  • It’s in its final stages and I hope to have it completed and released by Q2 2014.  Being HTML5/JS based, it is cross platform and will be deployed on Android, iOS, ChromeStore, Blackberry, and the web.  All goal progress data will sync across all platforms using websockets ( and a NodeJS/CouchDB powered server back end.
  • UPDATE: Here are some screenshots of the app in its current state.  Getting close!