First Place in the WSDM Cup 2018!

Big news! I won a second Kaggle competition (apparently lightning does strike twice), including a $2,500 prize and an invitation to be a guest speaker at the WSDM 2018 Conference.

Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks I decided to compete in another Kaggle competition. This time the challenge was to build a subscription churn mode for the Asian music subscription company, kkbox. I quickly rose to the top 5 and held out until the end to place 1st out of 575 team.

My solution consisted of Microsoft T-SQL for ETL/munging and some feature creation (the datasets were quite large, ~30GB) and Python/PANDAS/Sklearn for modelling with XGBoost/LightGBM being the primary learning algorithms used. Feature engineering dominated this competition and creativity paid off!

———Tools Used———

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Linux mode (Azure VM)
  • LightGBM Python Library – 2.0.11
  • XGBoost Python Library – 0.6
  • SKLearn – 0.19.1
  • Pandas – 0.22.0
  • NumPy – 1.14.0 rc1


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