Don’t Break The Chain Mobile App — Development Progress

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve taken a short break from the data science competitions and picked back up on developing my mobile productivity app I started earlier this year.  It’s coming along nicely and I hope to have it released by the end of Q2 2014.

It’s made in HTML5/JS/CSS3, so it’s cross-platform and will run on any mobile device or workstation.  I’m also working on developing a server back-end for it that will store goal progress data in a centralized database, thereby allowing all versions of the app to synchronize via user login.  For example, a user can update goals on both an android phone and on an ipad tablet and on a laptop using the web browser, and all 3 apps will be synchronized.  Even cooler, it will store the data locally using HTML5 local storage in addition to storing on the remote server, which means that a user can go offline (no web access) and still update goals and have them synchronize when the device comes online again.

The backend currently uses NodeJS and CouchDB, and I’m loving NodeJS.

Here are some screenshots:


The Login Menu


The Calendar


The Goals Menu


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